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Tips on How to Make Your Gel Nails Last Longer

09.29.2021 | Nail Care / Tips

Our passion is to give our customers beautiful nails, and it’s important to us that you enjoy them as long as possible. Check out these few simple steps before and after getting the gel nail treatment to keep your nails in good condition.

☆Before the treatment
You want to avoid applying hand cream or cuticle oil on the day of your gel treatment. Any oil on the nail surface makes the gel hard to stick, speeding up the gel to peel faster.

☆ Post-treatment care
Apply hand cream or cuticle oil after the treatment to preserve your nails. Also, the gel is sensitive to water and chemicals, so it’s important to wear hand gloves when washing dishes and cleaning to protect them.


Remember to follow these few tips that go a long way, and you can enjoy fresh looking nails much much longer!

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